Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Steps to install Google play store on MiBOX3_Pro

manufacturer: Xiaomi
model: MiBOX3_PRO (MDZ-18-AA)
MIUI TV版本: 1.4.6(稳定版)

Prerequisites (Tools & Packages )
1) 360超级ROOT from http://root.360.cn/
  (Note: Use the 7.1.6 version that come with a green icon; newer version with cyan color icon doesn't work; Request older version from 360.cn forum or alternatively from www.apkhere.com/down/com.qihoo.permmgr_7.1.6_free. Use at your own risk )

2) apk files from Gapps packages
  67ae3a402c705c8ec97d6d05364e8697  gapps-5.1-arm64-2015-07-17-15-08.zip
     Unzip and extract the following apk files:
  1. PrebuiltGmsCore.apk (from /arch/priv-app/PrebuiltGmsCore/)
  2. GoogleServicesFramework.apk (from /common/priv-app/GoogleServicesFramework/)
  3. GoogleLoginService.apk (from /common/priv-app/GoogleLoginService/)
  4. Phonesky.apk (from /common/priv-app/Phonesky/)
     !! Rename the PrebuiltGmsCore.apk to GmsCore.apk !! 

  Example: jackpal.androidterm-1.0.70-71-minAPI4.apk

4) Google play store apk (from apkmirror etc)

5) Get ready a wireless/bluetooth keyboard


0) You may want to follow the link to enable 3rd party apk installation and change the UI language: How-to change UI language

1) Root the device
     Install PermRoot.apk. Launch 360超级ROOT & click the <跳skip> on upper right corner to enter the main screen. Click the center BIG icon in middle to start.

2)  Install terminal emulator and grant the root access
    Install jackpal.androidterm-1.0.70-71-minAPI4.apk. Launch the emulator and switch to root user
  >  su -     (Click Accept / 允许 when 360超级ROOT prompt)
  #  cd /

3) Remount /system rw
  # mount -o rw,remount /system

4) Copy the Gapps apk files to respective locations
   # cd /system/priv-app
   # mkdir GmsCore GoogleServicesFramework GoogleLoginService Phonesky
   # chmod 755 GmsCore GoogleServicesFramework GoogleLoginService Phonesky
   # df   (check your path to USB thumbdrive)
   (Note: Modify the following path to your Gapps apks in thumbdrive)
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/GmsCore.apk GmsCore/
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/GoogleServicesFramework.apk GoogleServicesFramework/
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/GoogleLoginService.apk GoogleLoginService/
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/Phonesky.apk Phonesky/
   # chmod 644 GmsCore/GmsCore.apk Google*/* Phonesky/Phonesky.apk
   # sync
   # reboot

5) Install the Google Play Store and YouTube from thumbdrive etc

----- That's all

DISCLAIMER. The instructions listed here can cause permanent damage to your device if applied incorrectly. Use at your own risk!

Information and hints from kane @ http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/04/12/xiaomi-mi-box-3-enhanced-pro-mediatek-mt8693-benchmarks-and-system-info/#comment-525919