Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Steps to install Google play store on MiBOX3_Pro

manufacturer: Xiaomi
model: MiBOX3_PRO (MDZ-18-AA)
MIUI TV版本: 1.4.6(稳定版)

Prerequisites (Tools & Packages )
1) 360超级ROOT from http://root.360.cn/
  (Note: Use the 7.1.6 version that come with a green icon; newer version with cyan color icon doesn't work; Request older version from 360.cn forum or alternatively from www.apkhere.com/down/com.qihoo.permmgr_7.1.6_free. Use at your own risk )

2) apk files from Gapps packages
  67ae3a402c705c8ec97d6d05364e8697  gapps-5.1-arm64-2015-07-17-15-08.zip
     Unzip and extract the following apk files:
  1. PrebuiltGmsCore.apk (from /arch/priv-app/PrebuiltGmsCore/)
  2. GoogleServicesFramework.apk (from /common/priv-app/GoogleServicesFramework/)
  3. GoogleLoginService.apk (from /common/priv-app/GoogleLoginService/)
  4. Phonesky.apk (from /common/priv-app/Phonesky/)
     !! Rename the PrebuiltGmsCore.apk to GmsCore.apk !! 

  Example: jackpal.androidterm-1.0.70-71-minAPI4.apk

4) Google play store apk (from apkmirror etc)

5) Get ready a wireless/bluetooth keyboard


0) You may want to follow the link to enable 3rd party apk installation and change the UI language: How-to change UI language

1) Root the device
     Install PermRoot.apk. Launch 360超级ROOT & click the <跳skip> on upper right corner to enter the main screen. Click the center BIG icon in middle to start.

2)  Install terminal emulator and grant the root access
    Install jackpal.androidterm-1.0.70-71-minAPI4.apk. Launch the emulator and switch to root user
  >  su -     (Click Accept / 允许 when 360超级ROOT prompt)
  #  cd /

3) Remount /system rw
  # mount -o rw,remount /system

4) Copy the Gapps apk files to respective locations
   # cd /system/priv-app
   # mkdir GmsCore GoogleServicesFramework GoogleLoginService Phonesky
   # chmod 755 GmsCore GoogleServicesFramework GoogleLoginService Phonesky
   # df   (check your path to USB thumbdrive)
   (Note: Modify the following path to your Gapps apks in thumbdrive)
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/GmsCore.apk GmsCore/
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/GoogleServicesFramework.apk GoogleServicesFramework/
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/GoogleLoginService.apk GoogleLoginService/
   # cp /storage/usbotg/usbotg-sda1/<path to gapps>/Phonesky.apk Phonesky/
   # chmod 644 GmsCore/GmsCore.apk Google*/* Phonesky/Phonesky.apk
   # sync
   # reboot

5) Install the Google Play Store and YouTube from thumbdrive etc

----- That's all

DISCLAIMER. The instructions listed here can cause permanent damage to your device if applied incorrectly. Use at your own risk!

Information and hints from kane @ http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/04/12/xiaomi-mi-box-3-enhanced-pro-mediatek-mt8693-benchmarks-and-system-info/#comment-525919


  1. You are so great!!! Many thanks to you

  2. @ Flying8pus: thanks for detail steps, i have done with all steps ...installed google playstore.. but when open playstore in home menu ..i didn't open ...just pop a few second and return in home

    what mistake did i do ?

  3. Thank you. I installed successful Google Play but I can't install any software from Google Play because of error "Device not compatible". When I updated Google Services Play, after that showed "Google Service Play stop". What can I do

    1. Not able to reproduce your issue. However, you can try to change your PlayStore to this particular version: http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-play-store/google-play-store-6-4-20-c-all-0-2780330-release/google-play-store-6-4-20-c-0-2780330-android-apk-download/

  4. same, Google play installed. It opens for fraction of section and closed

  5. HiHi, I tried the whole yesterday to install Google play store, but failed, maybe due to first updating thethe firmware.I can live with this, since side loading works. However I keep getting an error message about Google services crashing. I tried to delete all directories with Google but I'm kinda afraid to maybe brick it if deleting too much. Do anyone have any knowledge about exactly what to remove? I can't just disable Google play store or services, so it's not that easy sadly.

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  7. Work correct with Mi Box 3 Enhanced.
    Thx a lot.

  8. I can not get my device rooted, whatever I try. Adb devices for not give me a number but on my windows 10 laptop I can share files through WiFi.

    I guess I should get adb to work first, but how?... Does someone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for replying :-)

  9. I can not get my device rooted, whatever I try. Adb devices for not give me a number but on my windows 10 laptop I can share files through WiFi.

    I guess I should get adb to work first, but how?... Does someone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for replying :-)

  10. Try a different adb driver. For rooting the device, in this example, doesn't require adb or connection to laptop.

  11. Hi,

    I have just gotten my xiaomi box 3 pro (enhanced) and updated to latest firmware 1.4.15.

    I followed the above instructions accordingly but when i rebooted. I see the messages -"unfortunately, the google play service has stopped" and "the TVservice has stopped" keeps popping up.

    I restored the box back to the original firmware that came with the box 1.4.6 and the results is the same.

    Please help!! thanks..

    1. any luck mate ? I have the same specs ( mi box 3 pro, FW 1.4.15)
      hope all this has to be done while keeping the box connected to display and laptop both ?
      360 root wont start in my win 10 as it needs a Chinese OS

    2. Pls, How did you restore the original firmware.

    3. You have to unplug the machine for about 10-15 mins and start again with the OK + back button pressed. it starts recovery and restored the last stable firmware.

  12. When i tried using Chrome browser on my xiaomi box 3 pro (enhanced), i am unable play any videos from the streaming websites. Anyone has the same problem and found a way to resolve this? Greatly appreciate it if you can share your solution. Thanks a million!!!

  13. Do you know how to change the os on box 3??

  14. dear author,

    thank you for your tutorial,
    i've already succeed change to english and root,
    well, i used mixed method with several tutorial,
    i use startsetting.apk, rootchecker.apk, rootexplorer.apk,
    the root explorer i use to move files from usbthumbdrive, its a nightmare to type with mouse one by one)...

    again, thank you very much for the tutorials...

  15. guys did any one have luck with 1.4.15 firmware ? I would like to get this sorted to pair the youtube app with my phone to start with.
    Any steps for recovery recommended

  16. I have been really wondering about how I can install Google play store on MiBOX3_Pro but I'm now at peace after I have come across this post. I have followed these steps and I'm happy to say that this procedure actually works. Feel free to click on this link: Urgent Literature Analysis Help

    1. what was your firmware version as rooting did not work for me on 1.4.15/1.3.114 both versions

    2. it works on 1.4.6. check if you box model match, refer to info at the th of this page.

  17. Do you know any solution for 1.5.1 version? Thanks

    1. Never try directly on newer version, but the solution shall survive through typical upgrade. At least, my playstore and apps still there after I upgraded to v1.5.2 last week.

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